Seoul’s Best Cherry Blossom Spots

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25 Oct

Seoul’s Best Cherry Blossom Spots

Seoul’s Best Cherry Blossom Spots



Cherry blossoms. They are undoubtedly the highlight of spring in Korea. But as gorgeous as the ocean of the white and pink petals are, they are equally short lived with their blooming season. So if the cherry blossoms are something that’s on your bucket list, you definitely can’t sit on your bum for too long once they’ve bloomed, or you’ll miss out! Luckily, you won’t have to leave Seoul to get a sight of them. Here are some of the best cherry blossom spots you can find right in Seoul.


#1 Seokchon Lake

Every spring, all of the trees surrounding the lake, and Lotte World, bloom in cherry blossoms, creating a stunning view for everyone to admire. It is considered the most beautiful spot in Seoul for cherry blossom sightseeing by many, creating masses and masses of crowds regardless of whether it’s a weekday or weekend. But even with the crowds, you’ll be sure to get some great snaps to share with your folks back home!


#2 Yeouido Han River Park

For many years, this has been the most popular cherry blossom sightseeing spot in Seoul. It is especially liked by couples as the spot in Seoul to get the best selfies with the cherry blossom trees. After exhausting yourself by walking through the trees and the crowds, why not have some chicken and beer by the river park right next door?


#3 National Cemetery

Cherry blossom sightseeing at the cemetery? Probably not the first spot that would come to your mind when thinking about going sightseeing, no matter what type of sights you’re out there to see. But the cherry blossom trees at the national cemetery are surprisingly pretty, and it’s entirely acceptable for you to be roaming on the grounds taking a look at them. In fact, during the cherry blossom season, they even offer activities such as archery in the area! National Cemetery is also known as the spot with one of the oldest and biggest cherry blossom trees in all of Korea.


#4 Yangjae Citizen’s Forest

Another unknown spot on the list. Their cherry blossoms aren’t the absolute best in Seoul, but there are also less people walking about and around. It’s a bit further from all the happenings in Seoul, so if you’re into the idea of a quiet afternoon stroll while surrounded by beauty, then here is a great choice.


#5 Seoul Forest

Though Seoul Forest is far more known for its deer, fall leaves, and leisure biking options, it’s quite stunning during the cherry blossom season. Be sure to come early in the morning to score yourself a picnic spot right under a cherry blossom tree. You won’t have another experience quite like that!


#6 Children’s Grand Park

Lastly, there is one more exceptional park where you can view the cherry blossoms at! A little bit more crowded than Yangjae, but big enough of an area for there to be a tree for everyone to admire in peace. It’s also a great picnic spot, not to mention that they have a small but free zoo.

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