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26 Oct

5 Best Cafes in Seoul

5 Best Cafes in Seoul


Though Seoul might be known for its k-pop, and popular for its nightlife, one of its absolute best aspects is its cafe culture. Every week there seems to be a new café popping up in each neighborhood, either bringing forward a new trend in the café culture, or introducing the café obsessed citizens to a new neighborhood. Either way, Seoulites sure love their coffee and their cafes. And that isn’t a hobby that seems to be on the way to dying any time soon. How about we take a look at some of the best independent cafes in Seoul?


#1 Concrete Plant

A relatively unknown small café hidden in the streets of Sangsu, the sleek concrete style comes together with plants and flowers everywhere, creating a warm and yet modern atmosphere to have a sip of coffee in. The menu itself is also interesting enough for you to walk out with a satisfied smile on your face after finishing your drink. It is also usually so quiet that it becomes a perfect little hide out for those of us who get headaches in busy cafes


#2 Café Monobloc

You may have to hike up that hill in Hongdae to reach here, but the rustic and simplistic vibe will quickly have you thanking yourself for it. The menu is extensive enough to even offer beer. Though busier than the above café, it’s still a great study and working spot.


#3 Peach Gray

OK so Korea isn’t only known for having cafes in every corner with breathtaking interiors, but they are constantly upping their game in what they actually have to serve their customers. Peach Gray is one of Seoul’s top contenders, with a lovely menu of drinks and some amazing and fluffy pancakes to brunch or dessert it up with. And it doesn’t end there – you also get to do some fun water coloring while you wait for your pancakes! Talk about a relaxing café time!


#4 Dessert Lab

If you happen to be in Hongdae or Myeongdong, be sure to check this one out! Like, right at this instant! It’s time we forget the gelato and the standard cakes, and give some room for actually quirkily designed, and yet tasty, desserts. At Dessert Lab, there is a variety of different types to choose from, going from flowers to presents, and they all have their own flavors. Since the café offers a set menu with two drinks and two desserts, be sure to make good use of it!


#5 Mula

This is another plant café, though far more subtle than Concrete Plant. It creates an amazing space to spend an afternoon with your friends in through the mostly white interior, and their beverage options are great as well. Be aware that it tends to get pretty busy – and with good reason as to why!

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