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8 Nov

Magical restaurant in Seoul – ManyeoJubang (마녀주방)

Magical restaurant in Seoul – ManyeoJubang (마녀주방)


If you are staying in Seoul, for whatever length of time, it is close to impossible to ever get bored. There is just so much to do, however small or big, nearly around the clock, and with changing activities each season.

If you add into that the fact that you are a foodie, then you are especially in luck. Not only does Seoul have a dozen restaurants at every corner, besides their own diverse food options to choose from, there are international cuisines and fusion dishes on offer just about everywhere. There are also constantly new restaurants popping up, making it like a weekly treasure hunt for a foodie.

And something that these restaurants in Seoul are especially good at, often even more so than the actual taste of the food, is by creating imaginative dishes, whether in the ingredients combined with the dish or by the quirky look of the dish.

One restaurant that has definitely gone all in on the display of their food, and restaurant overall, is ManyeoJubang (마녀주방), a horror themed restaurant found in Hongdae and Gangnam. While it is an especially excellent choice to go right over Halloween, you can also think of it this way: in there, Halloween is every day!

So, what is this restaurant all about? At a quick glance one could say it’s just your average Italian fusion restaurant. On the menu, you’ll find salads, pizza, pasta, and the works. So why would anyone think there was anything special to the place, besides perhaps the excellent taste of their food? Is it the intriguing bulgogi and sweet pumpkin pizzas on the menu? Is that it? No, there has to be more to it, right? So what is the magic factor in this equation?

After all, it’s in the details! In the case of this restaurant, they are embracing the horror/Halloween theme, but not only in the décor of the interior. Instead, they also have some special dishes on their menu that comply with it. There is the ricotta salad with a head in it. There is the meatball spaghetti with the eye balls in it. And the best one? Your drink will come out of a blood bag, IV drop style!

While we maybe cannot vouch for this restaurant to be the absolute best when it comes to the taste of the food – though, don’t take that to mean it is not tasty because it is – they’re definitely serving it hardcore in the fun department. They appearance of food and drinks are definitely not quite something you can find any place else. And in case you don’t drink alcohol, it’s perfectly possible to get a non-alcoholic version as well!

It is probably no surprise to you that this restaurant is quite popular, so you may have to wait a bit before getting seated. But that’ll just make you all the more ready for it!

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