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30 Nov

Where To Ring In The New Year


Where To Ring In The New Year


Although, oddly enough, New Year’s Eve in Korea is considered more of a family event than Christmas (which is typically more similar to Valentine’s Day than what Christmas is for Westerners), there are plenty of great opportunities to celebrate it both in and out of Seoul, in exactly the fashion you would love to. Here are some options for how to spend your New Year’s Eve 2018 and where to ring in the year 2019.



If there is one night in the year where you’ll want to be at the club before midnight, New Year’s Eve would be it. Not only will you still be eligible to get the same free entrance offerings you would on a regular night out, but you can expect the clubs to be absolutely packed by the time it’s midnight. The DJ will stop the music right before midnight so that all of you at the club can countdown and cheer together for the change of the year. And since you’ve already got your bracelet along with your free entrance, you may even leave the club now to get a few more drinks before entering again and partying your night away. Some clubs will also special parties, such as a masquerade party, just to up the fun.




Though this tradition is very new, it is a spectacular one. If you go to Lotte World Tower on New Year’s Eve, there will be a stunning light show right on the tower itself, and at the stroke of midnight there will also be fireworks set into the air to properly welcome in the new year. You will want to get to the area early for the best view.



Have you ever noticed that massive bell by Jongkak Station? Perhaps not, as it offers no real use in today’s Korea, having been a part of Joseon dynasty. However, every year on the New Year’s Eve, thousands of locals and tourists gather around the bell which the mayor will then ring the bell at midnight, followed by a fireworks show. So if you are looking for a very Korean way to ring in the new year while you’re staying in Korea, then this would be an excellent option for it.



For the most Korean way of celebrating the New Year, however, isn’t so much about the Eve and instead all about the first day of the New Year instead. You can either go to Samcheok on the East Coast for their Sunrise Festival, or all the way to Busan for their New Year Festival, both of which begin at the sunrise, featuring fireworks, music, and food, with the main point of the event being watching the first sunrise of the year together.



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