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5 Dec

Meet Korea’s Biggest Kimchi Jeon at Hongdae’s Daldongne Gwangsikine (달동네 광식이네)


Meet Korea’s Biggest Kimchi Jeon at Hongdae’s Daldongne Gwangsikine (달동네 광식이네)

Thanks to not only the diversity of Korea’s food culture but the amount of emphasis put onto preserving it, combined with the interest of Koreans towards fusion cuisine, it is easy to find restaurants all over the country, especially in Seoul, that have taken a classic dish of their own culture, or another one, and added an additional spunk to it. It is a great way for a foodie to enjoy a night out where they get to combine something familiar with a wholly new taste. It makes for great shots on Instagram, as well!

Today we’ll introduce you to a great such establishment, residing right in Hongdae, called Daldongne Gwangsikine (달동네 광식이네). To reach here, get out of Hongik University Station’s exit 8, and immediately turn to your right onto the street taking you inside the Hongdae area. Make a left at the circle, and then a right at the next one. You don’t need to walk for long before it will appear on your left.

At first, it may look like not much, but once you’ve taken the stairs down, you’ll get to truly see the restaurant in all its glory, decorated in a similar way to many other makgeolli restaurants. Much of the furniture is wooden, the lights are dimmed and yellow, and overall the ambiance is from a few decades before.

When it comes to the makgeolli served at the restaurant, it is brought to your table in the pot, the traditional way. But while they have the regular makgeolli offered on the menu as well, the best kind that they have to offer is the honey makgeolli. It is absolutely to die for! If you’ve never tried it before then you absolutely must right now!

But at the end of the day, honey makgeolli is not something that is exclusively available only at this particular restaurant, and thus, while amazing, is not its visiting point. So what is?

Their kimchijeon is! Not only is it the biggest one served by any restaurant out there, but it is not just your typical kimchijeon. It is one with amazing, soft, delicious melted cheese on top! It will also be accompanied by four different kinds of dipping sauces, from soy sauce to honey, offering a ton of variety to its taste in just one visit. And the kimchijeon is seriously so massive that it is near impossible to finish eating it if it is just the two of you.

Therefore, if you are at all a lover of makgeolli and jeon, this is a place that you absolutely have to visit. You will not be disappointed by the taste journey, the ambiance, or the fact that while famous, it is always quiet enough for you to be able to hear your own thoughts.

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